> Proteins from the BUCKNER FAMILY FARMS.


You’re invited!

Field Trip to the Farm with American Grind!

American Grind is opening a brick and mortar location in the Wash Park neighborhood after a successful run in Avanti. And we’d love to invite you to try our burgers before the public.

But we want to do this soft opening tasting a bit differently.

Join KADE and JARED on a field trip to Buckner Family Farms in Boulder to see how we source from local partners, eat some damn good burgers with us, and ultimately get a story worth writing. You’re the only member of the press we’re inviting, so any angle you desire is all yours. Think of it as an escape from all the stale tastings clogging up your calendar, and more as a fun peek into Colorado’s incredible food systems.

So, what do you say? Can we grill you a fresh burger on the farm?

When: THURSDAY, July 18th

How: We’ll pick you up in our truck! Just tell us where to be.

Why: Because soft openings could use some more sizzle.